Perfumes don’t seem to last on me.

When interviewing clients; one of the most frequent complaints about their perfume is that their much-loved scent throws-off very quickly usually within 30 minutes to an hour. The dilemma here is whether this is actually due to a poor sense of smell or whether there are body chemistry issues lurking.

There are chemicals that can fight off perfumes and to enjoy our perfumes to the fullest it is important that we understand what these influencing factors could be. Acid build up (a lemony tasty skin) is the predominant cause for our perfumes to throw-off. Medication for blood pressure, hormones, diabetics and even vitamins can change the way our perfume smells but also reduces its longevity on our skin. Eating spicy foods and stress are also significant contributing factors.

To help you better understand whether you have a high acid build up in your body we would like to invite you to complete the Theresa Davis Scientific Perfume Test below.

Choose the one answer that comes the closest to describing you best:


  • 15-25 points – This is the normal range, even for those without a keen sense of smell.
  • 25-35 points – Occasionally you throw off scent.
  • 35-65 points – Definitely a throw-off.

Stay with us; as next month we will be sharing on application techniques and product guides for various ranges of skin acidity.

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