Scent Sense: Sunflower

Sunflowers brighten your mood and attitude with a happy, sunshiney bright, and calming scent.

Sunflowers originated from the Native Americans in Southern America, which is now Mexico. They have a healing history for soothing chest pains and treating kidneys. Today, the largest producers in the world are Ukraine and Russia. Sunflowers contain many beneficial elements used in the culinary and medical industries. In the fragrance industry, sunflowers are adopted for their mineral richness and source in vitamins D and A.

The calm scent of the sunflower is a subtle and faint smell that gives a natural, irresistible fragrance. In perfumes, sunflowers awaken a cheerful and sunshiney feeling. The blossom smell resinous of nature, will whisk you away to childhood and dreamy home feelings on a farm. A combination of sunflower and honey scents provokes a sweet and bright scent, pleasant, and not overly strong. Sunflower gives a classy scent when combined with fruity notes, like orange blossom or nectarine, giving a bold floral burst.

The fragrance warms up your body and enriches your skin with the oil benefits from the sunflower. Sunflower oil scent can also give a natural and bright scent to other skincare products such as massage oils, hair products, and medicine.

Those that encompass sunflowers into their lives, reap many benefits such as reduced cholesterol, a lowered risk of kidney disease, and chest pain. It is also suitable for those who suffer from allergies, hay fever, and sinus.