Over the years the allure of the world of perfume has remained veiled to most of us. Today, Perfume Power explores the art of fragrance, its fragile and mysterious expression. Through inspiring workshops, be they private events, corporate team-building or our regular public workshops for everyone, Perfume Power reveals the heritage, beauty and power unique to our experience of scent.

Few ever breach its irresistible veil, even fewer, its legacy.

Diana Rankin is your guide beyond this veil as she takes you on a journey of its legacy, sharing with you her experience and passion. 

Here are a few words of what Diana has to say about her personal scent journey. “I have loved perfume from the time when I was a young girl, admiring my mom’s Opium Eau de Parfum on her vintage dresser. The elegance with which she applied her scent made me realize that my mom had a special evening planned. Every so often she would have a small spritz come my way. I also have fond memories of my parents travelling and waiting in anticipation to discover what perfume they may have given me as a gift. In my teenage years I started developing my own taste of more spicy and exotic creations. With the digital age I actually started investigating and researching fragrances that intrigue me so that I could ask my parents for a different perfume. It’s been about hunting for something unique that friends then ask me about. I have always been fascinated by the reasons people choose certain perfumes over others. The role memory plays, psychology and personalities that determine their personal scent journey.”

Diana has worked with some of South Africa’s biggest and most recognisable brands and consulted to a range of companies, amongst others Dior, Foschini and Unilever. Through this she has come to see the power in perfume, how fragrance and scent work to change lives. Using her Human Resources degree, with experience working across various high-profile industries and as head HR specialist in assessments and team interventions; she decided to combine the unique journey of scent with the process of shifting team dynamics and growing individual development. In 2011 Perfume Power was born.

Perfume Power has been featured in Fairlady, Your Business, Vroukeur, Women & Home, Sarie and Diners Club Magazines. Diana has also been interviewed as a fragrance specialist by HeartFM, SAfm, Power 98.7 and Radio Helderberg 93.6.

Perfume Power holds the key, applying skill and knowledge to reveal where aromatic mastery lies. Your scent legacy starts here. With Perfume Power.

Join the journey to explore the art of fragrance through inspiring workshops