As a guest speaker, Diana presents fragrance-inspired motivational talks to corporate organizations. She regularly shares her passion at business network groups such as Xtraordinary Women and Adele Searll 100 Club. She has also contributed her specialization through collaborations with event companies, fashion houses and health spas.

Scent – your secret weapon in social networking (1hr)

Scent is an essential and mysterious accessory. Discover the remarkable influence of fragrance over men and women, in professional and personal life. Learn how fragrance can work positively in different environments and ultimately impact overall well-being.

Coco Chanel: business lessons from a legend and brand icon (1hr)

The House of Chanel is one of the most successful and prestigious fashion brands in the world. As this presentation reveals, the global enterprise that started in 1913 offers a road-map and pearls of wisdom to individuals and businesses about the value of good marketing, positive influence and personal branding.

Your scent is your signature (1hr)

With over a thousand new perfumes released yearly, finding a perfume that is just right for you can be overwhelming. Discover how to shop, identify and select that truly defining fragrance, avoiding expensive pitfalls.

Perfume Pleasure – creating a lasting impression (1hr)

Develop fragrance sense in this presentation that teaches how best to adorn with perfume; how to enhance staying power; and, how to ensure the longevity of fragrance. Latest trends and applications by international fragrance experts are shared.

My fragrance, my hormones (1hr)

Hormones and perfume are connected – and don’t we know it! By understanding the link and the different stages of life; rather than allowing it to jump out in surprise, we become aware of how to make the best choice of perfume and this fun and entertaining presentation shows just how.

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