Scent Sense: Sunflower

Sunflowers brighten your mood and attitude with a happy, sunshiney bright, and calming scent. Sunflowers originated from the Native Americans in Southern America, which is now Mexico. They have a healing history for soothing chest pains and treating kidneys. Today, the largest producers in the world are Ukraine and Russia. Sunflowers contain many beneficial elements […]

Scent Sense: Almond

Almond awakens your senses and envelops you, like a cashmere scarf with a unique sensual and delicious scent. It’s an embrace you never want to get out of. Almonds originated from the Middle East and East India. Today, the largest producers in world are America and Spain. Due to almonds boasting many beneficial elements, it […]

Scent Inspiration

“The odors of childhood constantly haunt us. For most people, the smell of chocolate conjures up the cosy, familiar atmosphere of children’s teatime. These aromas from carefree times in the past influence our adult preferences and desires. It is with great joy that we transmit these delights to our own children.” (Getrude Kasebier)

Perfume Names Through the Ages

What’s in the name of your favourite perfume? Our world is ruled by words and pictures. The same applies to the names given to perfumes. They are often seen as an escape from a dreary reality. For the perfumer, the starting point for any fragrance creation is the brief. Who is the target market, gender, […]

Scent Inspiration

“Perfume is capable of weaving tender, lasting relationships between people: it is the messenger of love, a throbbing heart, a passionate and fervent soul which floats and lingers from skin to skin and imparts a magnetic power to every thought and gesture.” (Josep Masana)