How to Buy Perfume as a Gift

The holidays are a time for giving, and if you’re hitting the fragrance counter, Perfume Power has the steps to sniffing out the right scent for anyone on your list.

How do I select a fragrance as a gift for a woman?

One sure way is find out which fragrances she especially likes, the names of her favourite perfumes. Once you know those magic names, an informed consultant will be able to help you select another fragrance from the same family or families of fragrance that she especially likes. If you don’t know the names of her favourite fragrances, ask a consultant for advice. Describe the lady for whom you’re buying the gift – not her hair colour (will it be the same next week?) nor her age (we all know women who’re old at 20, others who are vibrant at 70), but her style of dress, her personality, her activities. Ask the consultant to suggest three fragrances, just three, never more. Test their scents on testing papers. Take your time. Which fragrance ‘talks’ to you? Try not to be logical. Relax. Let your instinct take over. Nine times out of ten, you’ll find that your nose will select the perfect match.

How should a woman choose a fragrance for a man?

Men’s fragrances are grouped into exactly the same families as women’s. Therefore, try a few men’s fragrances from the same families as your favourite scents. Of course, the man for whom you are choosing needs to be comfortable with the fragrance you select, but if he loves your fragrance, you’re on the right track. A final tip, if you are buying a new perfume for the man or women in your life and you are concerned that they may not like it, ask the store assistant whether you could have a sample vial of the perfume. The perfume can first be tested this way without having opened the perfume’s packaging and spraying. Most stores in South Africa do not allow perfumes to be returned once the packaging has been opened. A sample vial will prevent any disappointment and buyers remorse! Perfume Power works with various perfume data bases.  We are happy to assist with any perfume related questions you may have when buying a perfume for that special person in your life! Acknowledgement: Michael Edwards The Perfume Expert’s Expert – Fragrances of the World