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Scents specifically engineered for women

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Create Your Own Perfume Online with Perfume Power

As kids, most of us loved to mix different flowers to create a fragrance, and now as adults, we do the same with our perfumes. We all want a unique smell, one that people can identify us by, and now you can have it. For the first time in South Africa, you are given the […]

Would you share a unisex perfume with your partner?

There is an impacting trend rising in the fragrance industry where gender boundaries are being blurred. Terms such as gender neutral, unisex and fragrance convergence making the headlines. Comments such as boy meets girl in perfume marketing is popular and make us ask the question. What classifies as a male or female perfume?. Where did […]

How to Buy Perfume as a Gift

The holidays are a time for giving, and if you’re hitting the fragrance counter, Perfume Power has the steps to sniffing out the right scent for anyone on your list. How do I select a fragrance as a gift for a woman? One sure way is find out which fragrances she especially likes, the names […]

What Her Scent Says about Her

According to a new study in Psychological Science, humans—just like animals—can actually sniff out emotions like fear. And while we can’t completely communicate using the sense like animals do, a lot can be communicated through scent. In fact, “the part of the brain that smells and tastes is part of the emotional brain where our personality lies,”  says Alan Hirsch, […]

Fragrance Trends for 2013-2014

According to the International Fragrance Association UK’s (IFRA UK) experts, key fragrance fashion trends for 2013-2014 include: Authenticity and the great outdoors – natural, green and woody notes Kitsch fruity and gourmand fragrances – tangerine, strawberry, wild cherry, pink grapefruit and raspberry Gothic romantic – scents reflects jewel – toned colors: rich red roses, black orchid, and heady, […]

Diamonds and Perfume – A Perfect Match

This week Shimansky, South Africa’s premier platinum and jewelry specialist, unveiled their new Tygervally Store. Perfume Power had the privilege of sharing and advising about the very sought after My Girl Perfume by Shimansky!  In the lead up to the event I had the opportunity to meet with Mr Shimansky, to discover The Story around the […]