Celebrate International Fragrance Day with us on 21 March 2019

“Of all the senses, smell casts a unique hold. A scent has the ability to transport you to a distant place, bring you back to a cherished moment or conjure the familiar embrace of a loved one. For many, choosing a fragrance runs much deeper than shopping for other beauty products; it’s an incredibly personal experience.”

– Roja Dove

International Fragrance Day is a beautiful way for us to appreciate and be reminded of the power of scent. Also not forgetting the many benefits it evokes. It can either be a perfume you wore on your wedding day, heavenly scented body products, aroma candles, vanilla inspired baking, exotic island spice cooking, the fresh smell of the ocean or forests, coffee, wine or maybe the natural scent of a loved one that arouses lifelong memories. The list is endless!

History of Perfume

Taputti is the first recorded perfumer and chemist. Therefore his craft was etched on a stone tablet during the 2nd millennium BCE in Mesopotamia. The oldest perfumery measuring 4000 meters squared was discovered in Cyprus during the Bronze Age. The Bible describes sacred perfumes such as myrrh, frankincense, cinnamon and cassia. As a result today France is regarded as the fragrance mecca of the world. Due to its famous Grasse lavender fields being on many tourists bucket lists. This year Perfume Power invites you to celebrate this day with us by joining our Scented Memoir Competition. COMPETITION GUIDELINES:
  • Submit your scented memoir (story or account) of a scent experience that has had a considerable impact on you involving for example a person, place or event.
  • Be creative and expressive in your write up using a minimum of 200 words.
  • Competition entry closes on 20 March with the lucky winners being announced on 21 March; International Fragrance Day.
PRIZES TO BE WON: Please read our Competition Terms and Conditions to Enter

Entries are closed.

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