Scent Sense: Almond

Almond awakens your senses and envelops you, like a cashmere scarf with a unique sensual and delicious scent. It’s an embrace you never want to get out of.

Almonds originated from the Middle East and East India. Today, the largest producers in world are America and Spain. Due to almonds boasting many beneficial elements, it is extensively used in the culinary, medical, cosmetic, aromatherapy and fragrance industries.

The luxurious, delicate, and sophisticated scent of almond is bitter-sweet, nutty, soft, and amazingly delicate, not too sweet like vanilla, but together, they make an irresistible combination of perfumes. In perfumes, almonds awaken feelings of tenderness and warmth. If you have fallen in love with gourmand fragrances, almonds will whisk you away to a dreamy landscape in combination with honey, cocoa, and coffee. This combination of scents relieves your inner hedonist and invokes pleasure. Another exciting combination is of almonds with fruity notes, such as pear and apple, offering up a fresher and lighter tone. The almond note can also have a pure and soap-fresh scent that makes it one of the most popular notes in soaps, skincare products, and shampoos.

Think of almonds, and amaretto and marzipan springs to mind, followed by ice cream and milkshakes. For many of them, almond’s sweet and edible scent notes are reminiscent of home, childhood, and love.

Those that enjoy almonds will add many health virtues to their lives, such as reducing cholesterol, risk of cancer, and minimizing heart disease, diabetes and weight problems.

According to Edwin Arnold, almond blossoms are sent to teach us that the spring days soon will reach us, welcoming the changing of seasons and something good to come.