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explaining one specific fragrance

Scent Sense: Almond

Almond awakens your senses and envelops you, like a cashmere scarf with a unique sensual and delicious scent. It’s an embrace you never want to get out of. Almonds originated from the Middle East and East India. Today, the largest producers in world are America and Spain. Due to almonds boasting many beneficial elements, it […]

Scent Sense: Coriander

Coriander is mentioned in the Bible, and the seeds have been found in ruins and Egyptian pharaohs tombs dating back to 5000 B.C. Its name comes from the Greek word koris, meaning a stink bug. This is likely a reference to the strong aroma given off by the coriander plant leaves when they are bruised. Coriander comes […]

Scent Sense: Carnation

The carnation generally symbolizes love, with many of its colours having different meanings. For instance, red means deep love and admiration; white, purity and good luck; and yellow, friendship. Carnations are durable, delicate and delightful, appreciated for their ruffled appearance. The carnation’s history dates back to ancient Greek and Roman times, when it was used […]

Scent Sense: Coconut

Odour profile: intensely tropical notes, lush, sweet, milky, vanillic, with a suntan lotion association due to the inclusion of coconut scent in Coppertone sun oil. When we mention coconut, the first association takes us to exotic and tropic beaches with white sand and palms leaning above and reflecting in turquoise water where this magnificent fruit […]

Scent Sense: Orchid

When two friends understand each other totally, the words are soft and strong like an orchid’s perfume. – Sara Jeannette Duncan A legendary flower dating back to the dinosaur era is well known for its grace, nobility and kaleidoscope of scents emanating great joy, love and health. Orchids are nature’s masterpiece with radiant creativity in every […]

Scent Sense: Bergamot

Bergamot is often described as the ‘finest flower of citrus’, said to be a cross between pear, lemon and Seville orange or grapefruit. There are two theories as to where the name came from. One is from the Italian city called Bergamo where it has been cultivated for 600 years. Secondly in Arabic the expression […]

Scent Sense: Patchouli

“Patchouli has always been a part of my fragrance, like a line through my life.” (Julia Roberts) Patchouli is a popular and essential ingredient in many of today’s oriental, chypre and fougère perfumes. From the mint family with the oil being extracted from its bright green leaves through a process of steam distillation. A powerful […]

Scent Sense: Cardamom

Cardamom has been heralded as the spice of peace, functioning as a symbol of both hospitality and alliance. As such, at Persian wedding ceremonies, the groom would offer his future bride some cardamom pods, wrapped in silk cloth. Cardamom is the third most expensive spice next to saffron and vanilla. Originating in India, today it also […]

Scent Sense: Cedarwood

Cedarwood oil with its grounding, tenacious, balsamic, sweet and woody odour is identified as one of the most prized ingredients used in current day perfumery. It enhances the lasting power of natural and synthetic perfume fixatives and also intensifies their odour. It combines very well with citrusy notes and often encountered in fragrances for men. […]