Download our free e-book. Perfume 101 – Your Ultimate Perfume Guide will catapult you into a new, fragrant journey.

In Perfume Power’s new, free e-book you can explore some of the most basic cornerstones of creating your own aromatic fragrance through a comprehensive perfume guide.

Wearing the right perfume means that you leave a little piece of yourself behind long after you have
left the room. You can choose between a balanced mix of carefully selected synthetic and natural
essences or you can opt to wear natural perfume only containing essential oils.

In this e-Book we delve into how a new perfume is created, essential perfume ingredients, perfume
compositions and fragrance families! We even peak into the fragrance classification system of world
renowned Michael Edwards, author and publisher of Fragrances of the World. You will also find an
in-depth scent description list and perfume glossary that will fully prepare you for one of our in-
demand perfume workshops.

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