Scent Sense – Peony

“The fattest and most scrumptious of all flowers; a rare fusion of fluff and majesty”.

– Henry Mitchell

The peony flower has a remarkable reputation for boasting the best bouquets; particularly wedding bouquets. Known in China as the flower of riches and honor, embodying romance and prosperity. They signify a happy marriage and are used to celebrate 12th wedding anniversaries. A popular saying goes something like this in the world of flower arranging; “when in doubt just add peonies”. Interestingly peonies bloom in every colour except blue.

As a perfume note peonies are described as being a very fresh floral note that marries beautifully with rose, particularly in feminine fragrances. The popularity of the peony is expressed by an unknown author who shared “A rose is a rose, but a peony is a friend forever”. Peonies originate from China and Europe and were initially used for medicinal purposes treating asthma, headaches and childbirth pains.

A rare treat is that peony petals are edible. Once parboiled and sweetened they can be used as a delicacy in summer salads. Or with a different twist why not garnish your punches and lemonades with this luscious flower?

The legacy of a peony plant; if well taken care of can outlive people; surviving for over 100 years. Perfume Power will be hosting a Bridal Perfume Making Workshop on 27 October 2018 where brides to be can personally experience the exquisite perfume note that is peony.

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