Create your own perfume online

If making your very own perfume has been on your bucket list, your dream has just come true! Perfume Power has developed a first of its kind facility in South Africa where you can create a 30ml perfume online by combining all the scents that you just love into a magical potion unique to you.

This facility, appropriate for both men and women, provides a unique and memorable corporate or private gifting option where you can make a perfume for someone special; perhaps for a birthday, anniversary gift or to just say thank you. Alternatively, purchase a gift voucher to create a custom blended perfume.

How does it work?

  • In deciding what type of perfume you would like to create, you will be given two choices:
    Choice 1 – A totally oil based perfume free from alcohol, or
    Choice 2 – An advanced grade alcohol-based perfume, in keeping with the base used in luxury perfume lines that are purchased in stores today.
  • You will also be given two perfume making options:
    Option 1 – Complete a fragrance questionnaire comprising lifestyle, personality and mood-based questions to guide your perfume composition. Our fragrance specialist will then create a professionally crafted perfume based on your answers; or
    Option 2 – Choose specific ingredients from the list provided to guide the creation of your perfume. This option is for the more experienced individual with a clear understanding of ingredients and their personal likes and dislikes.
  • You may choose from five different perfume bottle designs
  • You may also then choose from five different perfume bottle cap colours – pink, silver, gold, black or blue.
  • In addition, you may choose from five different professional perfume name tag colours – pink, silver, gold, black or blue – on which your preferred perfume name will be written.
  • Make payment of R485 at checkout.
  • Your custom perfume blend will be delivered to your doorstep within 7 working days.
  • Your personalized recipe will be kept on file in the event you love it so much that you would like to re-order another bottle!
  • As your perfume is freshly blended to fully develop into a beautiful composition, a three-week period of settling after receipt would be recommended

Your perfume making journey starts NOW!