Think of your perfume as a form of adornment

“After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God gave to the world”

– Christian Dior

I believe what Christian Dior was trying to say is that all flowers are distinctly beautiful and unique in their own way, and that’s like women too. Expressing different colours, shapes, and sizes. These flowers flourishing at different times of the year just as women do. Our time in the sun is not always at the same time but rather exactly when it is meant to be. Like the fields of tulips during the summer months in the Netherlands. Or the flowers on our west coast boasting Namaqualand daisies during August.

Author C. JoyBell C. beautifully summarizes why we as women should take perfume seriously and include it in our accessory arsenal. “I can’t over-emphasize how important an exquisite perfume is, to be wrapped and cradled in an enchanting scent upon your skin is a magic all on its own! The notes in that precious liquid will remind you that you love yourself and will tell other people that they ought to love you because you know that you’re worth it. The love affair created by a good perfume between you and other people, you and nature, you and yourself, you and your memories and anticipations and hopes and dreams; it is all too beautiful a thing!”

Perfume may be the most influential item in your beauty arsenal. Sure, blush and lipstick wake up your face, but the spritz you’re spraying has an impact on your mind like no other cosmetic.

For me, the appeal of perfume is that it is empowering. It creates a shimmering invisible armour that lingers in a room long after its wearer has gone and infuses our imagination with a subtle power, hinting at a hidden identity. Fragrance is our sense of self, the expression of our individuality.

As we approach Women’s month we at Perfume Power invite you to adorn yourself with your signature perfume regularly; embracing the fact that it can trigger spiritual, emotional or physical peace and stimulate healing and wellness.

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