The affects temperature has on fragrance development

How your signature scent develops on your skin can be influenced by many factors such as general health, hormones, medication and body acidity. Another factor that is not often mentioned but which plays a significant role in enabling you to fully enjoy your perfume is temperature.

An interesting observation is that the hotter the body is when wearing perfume, the stronger your fragrance will project. However, with this said, it will also leave your skin – or bounce off – quicker. The chemicals in your perspiration will also affect the balance and scent of the fragrance. The reverse of what has been said is also true. The lower your body temperature is the muter the projection and the slower the scent dissipates. Based on the above, the temperature law of applying perfume would be that lighter perfumes should be applied on skin with higher temperature more regularly. For lower temperature skin, stronger and deeper perfumes can be applied less regularly where the top, heart and base notes develop more gradually. To be in a position to apply this law, perfume lovers need to have a good understanding of their body temperature rhythms and what affects them. First, and foremost, the rhythms can be impacted by the seasons. Many women experiencing menopause also have to be aware of the onset of hot flushes which affect body temperature rhythms significantly. Certain medical conditions may also cause a rise or decrease in body temperature. Stress levels will also result in the rise or fall of body temperature; higher stress levels, inviting fear and anxiety, cause body temperature to spike. Occupations and lifestyle choices will dictate your levels of activity which, in turn, will also affect body temperature. Finally, genetics must be taken into consideration. Many perfume wearers are just, what we could refer to as being, hot or cold-blooded regardless of the influence the other aforementioned factors may have. If the concept of temperature rhythms is totally new to you, we invite you to take your temperature at different times of the day and month to accurately assess your personal rhythm. Stay with us as next month we will be discussing whether age can play a role in how your perfume develops.

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