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Melt together the art of Ernest Beaux and the strength of Coco Chanel and so dawns the scent of a woman:
Chanel N˚ 5.

“The inventor of the most treasured name in perfume” Ernest Beaux; a French Russian perfumer boldly declared; “for me, perfumery is an art and the true perfumer must be an artist” and an artist he was. Famous for a creating style that was elegant and graceful, but with a strong character. In 1902 Beaux started […]

Three Perfume Divas Making History

Three very different and powerful women having such a passion for perfume makes for fascinating reading with seduction, fashion, captivity and politics being intricately woven into their love for everything that is fragrant. Cleopatra the Queen of Egypt Perhaps the most famous ruler of Egypt was Cleopatra. Cleopatra, well versed in the power of scent, […]