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Signature scents versus a scented wardrobe

With approximately 1300 new perfumes released yearly it would almost be unthinkable to settle for one perfume as a signature scent; in some instances, a lifetime.

Opting for signature scents

In my dealing with clients there are a number of reasons they lean towards a signature scent. There is safety in knowing what you love and having family and friends being able to recognize you by your familiar go-to bottle. In some instances, it can be quite exhaustive to find a new perfume as it takes time and effort and it is actually just easier to stay with the same old same. The power of memories attached to a signature scent often wins the day. Whether a milestone event such as a wedding day, holiday destination, special occasion or a person with a positive association linked to a perfume; re-living the memory is like the happy chemical serotonin. In some instances, a perfume is not necessarily viewed as an essential accessory but rather a nice to have and only worn on special occasions with no regard to what is new and trending. Sticking to a signature scent could also be a cost saving exercise as perfume can carry a hefty price-tag.

The perfume wardrobe junkie

Then we have the perfume lover that won’t opt for just one perfume for fear of revealing a stagnant personality and inherent fear of change. Where they can express their personality through variety, unique and new perfume releases. Where there is a greater awareness and sensitivity to mood, seasons, occasions and day and night perfume switches. Perfume wardrobe junkies often come across as walking perfume encyclopaedias. They know what they like and don’t like, quote exact ingredients and wait with baited breath for new releases. They will seek out perfume shops on their travels and marvel at their collection. Often feeling naked and not fully clothed if they are not wearing a perfume. It is experienced as an essential accessory that can be seen as their arsenal in their array of cosmetics.

There is no wrong or right answer to this question.  As with hobbies and interests such as colours, fabrics in fashion, book preferences, food tastes and wine preferences. You either stick to what you know as the comfortable ‘cocoon affect’ or you give yourself licence to never put a ceiling on your perfume choices.

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