Scent Sense: Orchid

When two friends understand each other totally, the words are soft and strong like an orchid’s perfume. – Sara Jeannette Duncan

A legendary flower dating back to the dinosaur era is well known for its grace, nobility and kaleidoscope of scents emanating great joy, love and health.

Orchids are nature’s masterpiece with radiant creativity in every specimen, prized as symbols of beauty and perfection. They are the biggest family of flowering plants with over 20 000 species flourishing on almost every continent. Orchids may appear fragile but they are incredibly hardy plants that grow on rocks, rainforests, tree trunks, deserts, marshes, mountains, valleys and plains, taking root in just about every type of climate imaginable, except Antarctica.

Orchids are very popular in the fragrance industry, with their varying scent profiles being described as flowery, powdery, vanilla-like, woody, spicy and musky. In some cases however the orchids can also smell like rotten meat and faeces. The scent outcome will depend on the type of insects that pollinate each species and their preferences.

This sweet, ambrosial nectar is often created through a process of illusionary scent crafting, mimicking the actual scent using some natural and synthetic ingredients. Too many orchids would need to be harvested to create enough of its magic juice to meet demand.

Orchid essential oils are widely applied in the practice of aromatherapy as beauty treatments to diminish the signs of aging, by applying its anti-oxidant properties. The herbal extract of orchids also aids medical ailments such as allergies, migraines, cramps and hypertension.

A few well know perfumes that carry this gorgeous scent worth mentioning are: J’adore by Dior, Jimmy Choo for Her and the legendry Angel by Thierry Mugler.

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