What Personality Style Do You Use When Choosing Perfume?

What Personality Style Do You Use When Choosing Perfume? I have always been fascinated by what influences my clients buying decisions. Having specialized in personality assessments this has only fed my intrigue more. Behaviour, attitudes and motivators will play a significant role in buying decisions. This is however very broad. According to a study done […]

Emotions in a Bottle

The benefit of story telling and perfumes This weekend I came across a perfume that was described as being chaotic.  With the intention being to align the perfume with our everyday lives. Bringing about positive and negative emotions, happy and sad feelings, slow and fast paces and stress or calm were also major attributors. Capturing moments […]

7 Top Fragrance Trends You Need to Know for 2017

The anticipation and excitement always builds as we investigate what the upcoming trends will be. These trends are to keep you as a fragrance enthusiast, informed and inspired! The Individualist Fragrance shoppers are in pursuit of more niche and even personalized creations. Where they either get to create their own masterpieces, or contract the services of a perfumer. […]

21 March International Fragrance Day Competition

21 March International Fragrance Day Competition Why Celebrate Fragrance Day? The question should rather be why not? We celebrate pet day, coffee day and laughter day. Did you know that based on research our sense of smell is the most underutilized sense of all the senses? Yet the power and pleasure experienced from scent can […]

2016 FRAGRANCE TRENDS by Industry Experts

We only need to look through our clothing cupboards, makeup draws and diet books to know that yearly trends change! This is no different for the essential accessory of fragrance. Fragrance steps into the gourmand’s kitchen garden According to the experts from top fragrance houses which are members of IFRA UK, this season, our noses […]

Beat the heat and prolong the floral essence of your favourite summer scents.

Guidelines on wearing perfume during summer months: 1) What happens to your perfume? As with most cosmetics, something happens when the weather is a bit like a furnace. Heat causes your perfume initially to become dramatically alive but then the alcohol evaporates quickly. This will cause your perfume to fade quicker, with regular application being […]

Who doesn’t love a bit of beauty that gives back……

Perfume Power is very excited to announce our partnership with Trilogy, internationally renowned natural skincare company and So They Can a non-for Profit Organisation that is based in Australia. For some time now as a business we have been searching for a high quality perfume product that gives us an opportunity to give back to […]