What is Fragrance Jewelry?

Fragrance Jewelry is new in South Africa and many are unaware of these beautiful accessories. Fragrance Jewelry goes as far back as the 17th century when solid perfume was placed in a pomander, a ball or casing at the end of a chain. Traditionally used for medicinal purposes and to fend off bad odors. As […]

Do you have a Weekend Perfume?

I had a very special client visit me on the ‘hunt’ for what she called a weekend perfume. I asked her what that meant for her and was intrigued at how intentional she was. She stressed that the perfume needs to be fun, happy, versatile and not too heavy. As a reader I would love to […]

What are Perfume Waxes?

I have been fascinated with resurgence of Solid Perfumes in the last few years. Estee Lauder became iconic with their beautiful collection of Perfume Solids from approximately 1997, every year launching a new limited edition. The packaging, in a compact form was usually adorned with colourful crystals. Unfortunately in South Africa we have very little […]

Beauty in a Bottle

Perfume bottles are the carriers of the most magical, sensual and delightful liquid. Before glass blowing; perfume was stored in alabaster, presious stone and metal. It is not surprizing that 25% of our buying decisions are based on the colour, design and textures used in the manufacturing of the perfume bottle. Aligning customers to a […]

Choosing a Perfume for your Daughter – What is the Right Age?

Lately, on quite a few occasions I have been asked, “What is the right age for my daughter to be wearing perfume?“. This is a very interesting question leading me to do some research that I would like to share. We have all been socialised very differently when it come to scent. Some of us […]

The Fab Bridal Expo – Win Complimentary Tickets

A day for future brides to feast their eyes on everything that could possibly matter to a bride! Your dress, food, venues, make-up, photography and then of course your perfume. I so often hear people say, “if only I had known about” or “I should have rather”. The 4th & 5th of May will prevent any regrets! Lots to see and buy.

5 Perfume Health Tips

Avoid wearing Eau de Parfum in the neck area as the combination of the sun and alcohol causes unwanted pigmentation. Many perfumes include citrus as an ingredient. They are photo toxic which also contributes to excessive pigmentation.  Rather apply your perfume on other pulse points such as the cleavage, wrists and behind the knees. While […]