Fragrance Trends for 2013-2014

According to the International Fragrance Association UK’s (IFRA UK) experts, key fragrance fashion trends for 2013-2014 include: Authenticity and the great outdoors – natural, green and woody notes Kitsch fruity and gourmand fragrances – tangerine, strawberry, wild cherry, pink grapefruit and raspberry Gothic romantic – scents reflects jewel – toned colors: rich red roses, black […]

Diamonds and Perfume – A Perfect Match

This week Shimansky, South Africa’s premier platinum and jewelry specialist, unveiled their new Tygervally Store. Perfume Power had the privilege of sharing and advising about the very sought after My Girl Perfume by Shimansky!  In the lead up to the event I had the opportunity to meet with Mr Shimansky, to discover The Story around […]

What are Perfume Waxes?

I have been fascinated at the resurgence of Solid Perfumes in the last few years. Estee Lauder became iconic with their beautiful collection of Perfume Solids from approximately 1997, every year launching a new limited edition. The packaging, in a compact form was usually adorned with colorful crystals. Unfortunately in South Africa we have very […]

Beauty in a Bottle

Perfume bottles are the carriers of the most magical, sensual and delightful liquid. Before glass blowing; perfume was stored in alabaster, presious stone and metal. It is not surprizing that 25% of our buying decisions are based on the colour, design and textures used in the manufacturing of the perfume bottle. Aligning customers to a […]

Choosing a Perfume for your Daughter – What is the Right Age?

Lately, on quite a few occasions I have been asked,“What is the right age for my daughter to be wearing perfume?“. This is a very interesting question leading me to do some research that I would like to share. We have all been socialised very differently when it come to scent. Some of us have […]