Blue gold of old or a resurrected perfume note?

The vast lavender fields in Provence; France are a breath-taking sight for any visitor. Hence it’s been awarded the name ‘blue gold’. Its scent often described as being spicy, peppery, green,herbaceous, misty and smoky. ‘Lavender’ comes from the Latin word ‘lavare’ which means to wash. Stepping back into the Roman Empire. Lavender oil was also […]

Would you share a unisex perfume with your partner?

There is an impacting trend rising in the fragrance industry where gender boundaries are being blurred. Terms such as gender neutral, unisex and fragrance convergence making the headlines. Comments such as boy meets girl in perfume marketing is popular and make us ask the question. What classifies as a male or female perfume?. Where did […]

Scent Sense – Rose Damask

A multi-faceted hardy flower boasting a range of scent from sweet to heady. Romantic, exuberant and sophisticated. A favorite of Shakespeare. A rose with a history and legacy of being more precious than gold. It was a symbol of Damascus when it sat at the centre of the Umayyad Caliphate; celebrated for being the Garden […]


Are natural fragrance oils better than synthetic ones?

Emphatically not. Modern perfumery is based on the synergy of natural and man-made ingredients. Both are of equal importance to the perfumer. The ingredients for perfumes come from a number of sources, both natural and synthetic. Flowers and blossoms are the most common source, such as jasmine, rose and tuberose, among many others. Other plant […]

International Fragrance Week – Your chance to win 2 tickets!

Perfume Power is hosting The Art of Perfume Making Workshop on 24 March 2018. This workshop is in celebration of International Fragrance week. A time to appreciate the benefits and beauty of scent. As part of this celebration we are running a competition where entrants have an opportunity to win 2 tickets to this workshop! Competition guidelines: Link to the event […]

2018 Fragrance Trends

Take note The exquisite colour violet, beautifully linked to the massive comeback of the fragrance note – lavender – is the picture of tranquility in the vastness of the lavender fields in Grasse. Top fragrance brands Guerlain and Jean Paul Gaultier being the front runners in this trend. Not to be dismissed, Oudh inspired fragrances […]

We have some exciting news to share with you!

We have some exciting news to share with you! My personal journey since I started Perfume Power in 2011 has been full of beautiful learnings which I see as fragrant gems. Growth has come in meeting amazing clients, experiencing gorgeous products and better understanding the e-commerce industry in South Africa. As Perfume Power has evolved […]

The Scent of Love – Create your very own fragrance

Fragrance memories are a wonderful way of connecting with your lover. Smelling a scent or elements of one that your partner wore when you first met can flood your mind with memories and make you feel the same delirious way you did back then. If you have never really worn a fragrance why not start making […]

What Personality Style Do You Use When Choosing Perfume?

What Personality Style Do You Use When Choosing Perfume? What influences my client’s buying decisions has always fascinated me. Having specialized in personality assessments this has only fed my intrigue more. Behaviour, attitudes and motivators will play a significant role in buying decisions. This is however very broad. According to a study done by Mark Snyder of […]

Emotions in a Bottle

The benefit of story telling and perfumes This weekend I came across a perfume that was described as being chaotic.  With the intention being to align the perfume with our everyday lives. Bringing about positive and negative emotions, happy and sad feelings, slow and fast paces and stress or calm were also major attributors. Capturing moments […]