10 Heartfelt Gift Ideas for Mothers’ Day

Moms are awesome; it’s a well-known fact.  I may be biased but I know that mine has superpowers and I’m pretty sure that yours does too.  It stands to reason then, that when Mother’s Day come around we should all make a good effort to celebrate the women who brought us life, nurtured us and […]

Three Perfume Divas Making History

Three very different and powerful women having such a passion for perfume makes for fascinating reading where seduction, fashion, captivity and politics being intricately woven into their love for everything that is fragrant. Cleopatra the Queen of Egypt Perhaps the most famous ruler of Egypt was Cleopatra. Cleopatra, well versed in the power of scent, […]

What Her Scent Says about Her

Can you smell your way through life? According to a new study in Psychological Science, humans—just like animals—can actually sniff out emotions like fear. And while we can’t completely communicate using the sense like animals do, a lot can be communicated through scent. In fact, “the part of the brain that smells and tastes is part […]

Scent of Chocolate

There is nothing more personal than the perfume you wear due to the uniqueness of individual skin types. A perfume can indicate your mood, elevate it, simply raise your charisma up a notch or give you confidence throughout the day. Chocolate has always been associated with sensuality, guilt, pleasure but chocolate flavour on its own […]

The Grandeur of Concentrated Perfume Oils

There is such beauty and many benefits in adorning with Concentrated Perfume Oils. The Egyptians developed aromatic oils and essences 5,000 years ago. Great perfume lovers, they used almond and rose oil, frankincense and myrrh, cedar, mimosa and lily, nutmeg, sweet balsam, cassia, benzoin and labdanum, galbanum and oppanax in such diverse preparations as aphrodisiacs, […]

Compliments follow in the path of a remarkable perfume.

What is it that causes one perfume to linger in the mind and another to simply disappear in the slightest breeze? Author Bois de Jasmin, Victoria Frolova, writes about what causes a scent to elicit compliments. Perfumer Sophia Grojsman was returning home one evening when she noticed a man following her. As she quickened her […]

Clarity on Skin Scents

‘Skin on skin. Subtle and sensuous, the new style of fragrances celebrate the smell of your skin’ (Edgars Beauty Magazine) You may be asking “what is a skin scent?” Usually its use revolves around two possible meanings: 1) A fragrance resembling the natural scent of one’s skin, i.e. “my skin but better”. It amplifies your […]

Fragrance Trends for 2013-2014

According to the International Fragrance Association UK’s (IFRA UK) experts, key fragrance fashion trends for 2013-2014 include: Authenticity and the great outdoors – natural, green and woody notes Kitsch fruity and gourmand fragrances – tangerine, strawberry, wild cherry, pink grapefruit and raspberry Gothic romantic – scents reflects jewel – toned colors: rich red roses, black […]