If you are wondering how to choose a fragrance for your man, read on.

If you are wondering how to choose a fragrance for your man, read on.

Spoiling your husband, partner or father to a fragrance is very special as there will always be a memory triggered by this gift. Research shows that scent carries the most powerful form of memory when compared to our other senses. It will be like an album of photography bringing back unforgettable memories of important moments of our lives. This could be celebrating a mile stone birthday, an anniversary, honeymoon, Fathers Day or as a special treat to say I love you, thank you or I am sorry!  The scent you give him will remind him of these always. For centuries women have used scent to allure and pamper. Men however often need a bit of help in optimizing their personal scent. So ladies we have some powerful and useful guidelines on personality, body chemistry, seasons, lifestyle and fragrance families, to help you choose the man in your life that perfect scent!


Joachim Mensing a Fragrance Psychologist identifies six male personality types and their referred fragrances:

  1. Men who are uncomplicated and enterprising tend to go for fresh citrus, zesty, and herbaceous scents.
  2. Reflective loner- types prefer warm, spicy, mysterious, oriental notes.
  3. The super-social, spontaneous male likes light, cool, and invigorating scents.
  4. While a more reserved and sophisticated man is into warm, natural, woody fragrances.
  5. The suave, metro-sexual types gravitate toward colognes with leather and tobacco in them.
  6. Likewise, rugged, non-conformist guys like leathery scents too, but with a cooler edge.

Body Chemistry

According to fragrance expert Michael Edwards each man’s body chemistry and skin type is a little different. The logic is this: fragrance molecules are oil-soluble, so the oilier the skin, the slower the fragrance release and the longer the scent will last. Men with oily skins should keep away from heavy, oriental notes. Choose light, crisp fragrances: Citrus and Green notes or the Fresh/Crisp interpretations of Florals, Orientals, Woody notes or Aromatic Fougère fragrances. Men with a dry skin will probably need a more potent, richer fragrance to hold the notes. Choose any Rich interpretations from the Fragrance Manual or select from the Soft Oriental, Oriental or Woody Oriental families. Generally, men with blond hair and blue eyes will tend to have dry skin. The darker the skin, the browner the eyes, the more likely a man’s skin will be oily, the longer it will hold a fragrance.


Heavier notes are best in the cooler months; lighter fragrances are more suited to summer weather. If your man likes to wear the more potent, heavier fragrances all year round, consider letting him use the lighter aftershave version as a body cologne in warmer weather.


The man in your life may be inspired by the marketing campaigns of many male fragrances by the promise presented of a specific lifestyle, image, reputation and wealth. Even the association of a celebrity fragrance can be a very powerful influencing factor in buying a specific scent. Is he influenced by the latest release or specific popular brand or does her look out for more unique perfumes?

Fragrance Families

Men’s fragrances are grouped into exactly the same families as women’s. Try a few men’s fragrances from the same families as your favorite scents. Of course, the man for whom you are choosing needs to be comfortable with the fragrance you select, but if he loves your fragrance, you’re on the right track!
When last did you spoil that special man in your life to a new fragrance, creating a new memory and association? These tips and tricks will steer you in the right direction on your scented voyage of discovery!
Acknowledgements: Michale Edwards – Fragrances of the World, Joachim Mensing a Fragrance Psychologist


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