Beat the heat and prolong the floral essence of your favourite summer scents.

Guidelines on wearing perfume during summer months: 1) What happens to your perfume? As with most cosmetics, something happens when the weather is a bit like a furnace. Heat causes your perfume initially to become dramatically alive but then the alcohol evaporates quickly. This will cause your perfume to fade quicker, with regular application being advisable. 2) Where to apply Most of us are aware that the pulse points are the best places to apply perfume. However these pulse points may also lead to excessive perspiration in summer, causing a potential negative effect on how the perfume develops. An area to avoid wearing your perfume is where there is sun exposure for example the neck area. Sun and alcohol based perfumes are not friends because the outcome can be the formation of stubborn pigmentation, a dermatologist’s delight. Spraying on the stomach area will be safe measure in both of these cases. 3) Know your fragrance notes As you would not wear a skimpy dress in snowy conditions, fragrance notes are also an important consideration when deciding what to wear. Summer months would call for fresh and nature inspired scents. For example citrus, crisp green, oceanic and light florals. The fragrance notes to be cautious of are heavy floral blends, cloying oriental’s and patchouli, often being the cause of instant migraines. An interesting fact is that white flowers in particular such as jasmine, tuberose and frangipani are known to “bloom” in hot weather. 4) Switch the medium of your perfume Noting the fact that alcohol based perfumes bounce off the skin much quicker in hot weather a natural perfume oil or perfume solids are good alternatives. The oil and wax perform as better holding agents than alcohol in summer months. They are softer and more delicate perfumes but will last longer. 5) Appreciate the summer atmosphere Angela Sanders of Now Smell This ends this topic with a refreshing opinion that the best summer perfume should be casual. “It makes sense,” she says. “Do you really wear your most serious clothing in summer? Summer is the time to take Fridays off, stay up late and wear cheap sandals. Summer perfumes reflect that feeling.”