Follow these guidelines to improve the staying power of your perfume.

These could be the defining factors to falling in love with your signature scent all over again. Avoiding the disappointment of having your favorite perfume throw-off lies in choosing the correct fragrance concentration and category.

Last month you were invited to complete our online Scientific Perfume Test. Many fragrance enthusiasts
were surprised at the impact that high acidity levels had on the longevity of their perfumes. If you
scored from 1-19 points your skin holds a fragrance easily. Scores of 25-35 indicates that you
occasionally throw off scent and for scores 35-65 you definitely throw off scents.

Follow these guidelines to improve the staying power of your perfume

  •  A very useful start would be to make lifestyle changes linked to diet, stress and use of medication.
  • Embark on a skin detox by body scrubbing a few times a week and then bathing in Epsom Salts twice a week. This routine will remove dead skin; the magnesium and potassium in the salt will offer incredible detoxing properties.
  • If you generally re-apply your perfume twice a day; re-apply four times.
  • To re-ignite your perfume when you do not have the actual perfume with you; dab a small amount of water on the area that you had applied earlier. This will re-activate the scent molecules.
  • Use an unscented body cream or oil as a base for your perfume and then apply your perfume. It will offer a greater hold.
  • Apply your perfume in strategic places. The hair is a wonderful alternative to the skin. It is by far the best diffusing agent of perfume.
  • Spray your perfume on your favorite scarves; this just helps the aura of your perfume to extend.
  • Layer your perfume with various scented products such as bath oils, body creams and powders.
  • Use the strongest concentration of perfume in the collection of your signature perfume. Eau de Parfum, Extracts and concentrated perfume oils should be your preferred choice.
  • Use perfumes that have powerful fixatives. These are usually perfumes that fall into the chypre, oriental, woody and animalic fragrance categories. Gums, resins, spices, amber and musks are your stalwarts attributing to a perfume lasting longer on your skin.

We have now conquered the impact that high levels of body acidity can have on having our all-time
favorite perfume disappear before we have spoken a word. Stay with us as next month we will be
sharing on the impact that body temperature has on perfume development.

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