Diamonds and Perfume – A Perfect Match

This week Shimansky, South Africa’s premier platinum and jewelry specialist, unveiled their new Tygervally Store.

Perfume Power had the privilege of sharing and advising about the very sought after My Girl Perfume by Shimansky!  In the lead up to the event I had the opportunity to meet with Mr Shimansky, to discover The Story around the creation of the My Girl Perfume. It was very clear to me that Mr Shimansky has a wonderful appreciation that women love jewelry and perfume, but more importantly that they both recall happy moments of her life. Secondly that perfume is an art form. It is in the same genre as music and painting. It requires talent, expertise and most of all passion. In 2009 this passion drove Mr Shimansky to consult with perfumers in Switzerland.  

Considering that in 2011, 1200 new perfumes were released Mr Shimansky wanted to create a fragrance that would stand out and be unique in the already flooded market.

After much research the My Girl Perfume was launched in 2011. The main aim being that the perfumelinks with the already adored My Girl Jewelry Brand.

The My Girl Perfume falls in the Fresh Floral Perfume Family. They remain the most loved and worn family. Made from natural rose oil, the My Girl Perfume has top notes of melon and peach, followed by rose and jasmine, underlined by a woody, musky and light spicy base.

The mood of the perfume is carefree, playful and cheerful. The pink colour of the perfume is the colour of unconditional love, nurturing, tenderness, romance, femininity, youthfulness and prettiness.

Women who choose fresh floral fragrances love a free and spontaneous life and enjoy it to the fullest. They are curious and open about everything new and thrive on change. They are confident, outgoing, and fun loving.

The My Girl Perfume can be worn for special romantic occasions, day wear and in warmer weather.

I have left the best till last! Hold your My Girl™ bottle to the light and you may make a breathtaking discovery.  In a highly anticipated world-first, ten of the thousand limited edition My Girl™ perfume bottles contain a .25ct My Girl™ diamond.  Making the perfume the first in the world to contain a My Girl™ diamond.

Exclusively available from Shimansky. Needless to say that Diamonds and Perfume are a Perfect Match.