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Create Your Own Perfume Online with Perfume Power

As kids, most of us loved to mix different flowers to create a fragrance, and now as adults, we do the same with our perfumes. We all want a unique smell, one that people can identify us by, and now you can have it. For the first time in South Africa, you are given the opportunity to create your own perfume online with the Perfume Power Custom Online Perfume Blending experience!

How does it work?

You simply have to fill in a questionnaire that will help Perfume Power create and blend your personalized perfume. Perfume Power then creates the perfume and sends it straight to your door!

Step 1: What type of perfume would you like?
You will be given two choices:

Choice 1 – A completely oil-based perfume, free from alcohol.
Choice 2 – An advanced grade alcohol-based perfume, which has the base used in luxury perfume lines that are purchased in stores today.

Step 2: How do you want your perfume to be made?
You will be given the choice on how you will be creating your perfume.

Option 1 – Complete a fragrance questionnaire comprising lifestyle, personality, and mood-based questions to guide your perfume composition. Our fragrance specialist will then create a professionally crafted perfume based on your answers.
Option 2 – Choose specific ingredients from the list provided to guide the creation of your perfume. This option is for the more experienced individual who has a clear understanding of ingredients as well as personal likes and dislikes.

Step 3: Create your perfume bottle
Ever thought, “Wow this perfume would look so much better in a different bottle”? Well, you will be able to choose from five different perfume bottle designs. You can also choose from five different perfume bottle cap colours – pink, silver, gold, black or blue. So much fun, right?

Step 4: Create your name tag
You can choose from five different professional perfume name tag colours – pink, silver, gold, black or blue. Lastly, you will decide what your perfume should be called, you can be as creative as you want!

You won’t have to wait long to get your unique potion, because your custom perfume blend will be delivered to your doorstep within 7 working days! Perfume Power will keep your personalized recipe in case you love it so much that you would like to re-order another bottle. It is recommended that you leave your freshly blended perfume for three weeks to settle.

This is great for all genders and it is also a unique gift to give to someone special. If you want them to have as much fun as you did, then purchase a gift voucher so they can create their own custom blended perfume. Click here to start your perfume making journey.