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Perfume scented accessories, this includes jewellery, clothing, scented gloves and adornments not applied to the skin

Scent Sense: Frangipani

“Nothing evokes that tropical feeling like the serene scent of Frangipani” Frangipani is a timeless, colourful, fragrant flowering tree also known as plumeria and the Hawaiian Lei flower.  Native to warm tropical areas such as Mexico, the Pacific Islands and the Caribbean. Lei garlands have become a tourist tradition when visiting tropical islands such as […]

Enter and stand a chance to win a gift-wrapped selection of sensory inspiration

Christmas now surrounds us. Carols fill the air. Excitement and joy brews as families plan to unite. Our hands are busy with many tasks of food and home preparations; not to mention preparing for the gift of giving! Perfume Power celebrates Christmas with you this year by gifting one lucky winner with three products from […]

Vintage Affair: Clothing and Accessories

DO YOU LOVE ALL THINGS VINTAGE? One just has to look at  vintage clothing, accessories, makeup, hairstyles, decor, cars, books, music, posters and movies to know that the vintage attraction is here to stay. The word vintage can mean something that has been used before or something that has been produced in the past. It is capturing the history and culture of […]

Having FUN with your Fragrance this Holiday Season

Don’t leave home without your favorite perfume this holiday season! You may be concerned with traveling with the large bottle. Whether in heat, high altitude, pressured flight compartments or because your luggage is not so safe to avoid breakages. We have 4 useful tips for you to ensure that you can still have fun with […]

Mothers’ Day Scent Event

Daughters and mothers – why not celebrate this special occasion together by exploring the exciting world of perfume?. TOPIC: “How to be Fabulously Fragranced” At this presentation you will be equipped with tricks and tips on how to get the most from your perfume and make lasting impressions. You will also learn where best to apply; […]

What is Fragrance Jewelry?

Fragrance Jewelry is new in South Africa and many are unaware of these beautiful accessories. Fragrance Jewelry goes as far back as the 17th century when solid perfume was placed in a pomander, a ball or casing at the end of a chain. Traditionally used for medicinal purposes and to fend off bad odors. As […]