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Follow these guidelines to improve the staying power of your perfume.

These could be the defining factors to falling in love with your signature scent all over again. Avoiding the disappointment of having your favorite perfume throw-off lies in choosing the correct fragrance concentration and category. Last month you were invited to complete our online Scientific Perfume Test. Many fragrance enthusiasts were surprised at the impact […]

7 common perfume shopping pitfalls to avoid

Perfume is luxury in a bottle often carrying a hefty price tag. It is usually a pamper and splurge gift celebrating a special occasion, rewarding yourself or as a mood enhancer. Whatever the reason; the outcome needs to be that you fall in love with your perfume investment with no buyer’s remorse attached. 7 common […]

Scent inspired gifts for the holiday season!

Perfume Power launches The Scent Inspired Gift Collection. Fragrance enthusiasts can now enjoy their signature scent in a whole new and creative way. Enhancing scent experiences beyond the norm is a passion for owner Diana Rankin. Her decision on this beautiful collection offers clients an opportunity to more holistically appreciate the powerful benefits that scents […]

Would you share a unisex perfume with your partner?

There is an impacting trend rising in the fragrance industry where gender boundaries are being blurred. Terms such as gender neutral, unisex and fragrance convergence making the headlines. Comments such as boy meets girl in perfume marketing is popular and must make us ask the question what classifies as a male or female perfume? Where […]


Are natural fragrance oils better than synthetic ones?

Emphatically not. Modern perfumery is based on the synergy of natural and man-made ingredients. Both are of equal importance to the perfumer. The ingredients for perfumes come from a number of sources, both natural and synthetic. Flowers and blossoms are the most common source, such as jasmine, rose and tuberose, among many others. Other plant […]

Who doesn’t love a bit of beauty that gives back……

Perfume Power is very excited to announce our partnership with Trilogy, internationally renowned natural skincare company and So They Can a non-for Profit Organisation that is based in Australia. For some time now as a business we have been searching for a high quality perfume product that gives us an opportunity to give back to […]

Having FUN with your Fragrance this Holiday Season

Don’t leave home without your favorite perfume this holiday season! You may be concerned to travel with the large bottle in heat, high altitude, pressured flight compartments or just because your luggage is not sturdy and safe to avoid breakages. We have 4 useful tips for you to ensure that you can still have fun […]

What Drives Your Perfume Choices?

Your best friend, boss or boyfriend enters a room; their perfume speaks for them even before they have uttered a word! Perfume can change your mood; open the flood gates to positive or painful memories and sets the tone or atmosphere. A lot can be said about you based on the perfume you wear! Our […]