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Top 7 trends that we can expect for 2020

A new year and the change of digits brings with it reflection and contemplation of the year that has been and the one to come. We have so much to look forward to when it comes to trends relating to fragrance, foods, clothing, décor, cosmetics and business. For the purpose of this article however fragrance […]

Neroli, a citrus essence made famous by an Italian Princess.

Neroli carries a beautiful legacy of evoking contentment. A yellow oil distilled from the flower of the orange blossom tree originating from China, north eastern India and central Asia. This citrus essence was made popular by an Italian Princess. I want orange blossoms in my hair, champagne in my hand and love in my heart […]

Remembering on World Bee Day that a world without honey bees is as unimaginable as a world without perfume.

Our BeeHave! perfume oils have been created specially to celebrate the wonder of honey bees. Created by Perfume Power in collaboration with The Bee Effect they are our gift to you, a moment of reverence captured in scent so you can bask in the glory of the miracle honey bees are.          […]

2018 Fragrance Trends

Take note The exquisite colour violet, beautifully linked to the massive comeback of the fragrance note – lavender – is the picture of tranquility in the vastness of the lavender fields in Grasse. Top fragrance brands Guerlain and Jean Paul Gaultier being the front runners in this trend. Not to be dismissed, Oudh inspired fragrances […]

7 Top Fragrance Trends You Need to Know for 2017

The anticipation and excitement always builds as we investigate what the upcoming trends will be. These trends are to keep you as a fragrance enthusiast, informed and inspired! The Individualist Fragrance shoppers are in pursuit of more niche and even personalized creations. Where they either get to create their own masterpieces, or contract the services of a perfumer. […]

Scent of Chocolate

There is nothing more personal than the perfume you wear due to the uniqueness of individual skin types. A perfume can indicate your mood. Elevate it, simply raise your charisma up a notch or give you confidence throughout the day. Chocolate has always been associated with sensuality, guilt and pleasure. But chocolate flavour on its own […]

Fragrance Trends for 2013-2014

According to the International Fragrance Association UK’s (IFRA UK) experts, key fragrance fashion trends for 2013-2014 include: Authenticity and the great outdoors – natural, green and woody notes Kitsch fruity and gourmand fragrances – tangerine, strawberry, wild cherry, pink grapefruit and raspberry Gothic romantic – scents reflects jewel – toned colors: rich red roses, black orchid, and heady, […]

Diamonds and Perfume – A Perfect Match

This week Shimansky, South Africa’s premier platinum and jewelry specialist, unveiled their new Tygervally Store. Perfume Power had the privilege of sharing and advising about the very sought after My Girl Perfume by Shimansky!  In the lead up to the event I had the opportunity to meet with Mr Shimansky, to discover The Story around the […]

What is Fragrance Jewelry?

Fragrance Jewelry is new in South Africa and many are unaware of these beautiful accessories. Fragrance Jewelry goes as far back as the 17th century when solid perfume was placed in a pomander, a ball or casing at the end of a chain. Traditionally used for medicinal purposes and to fend off bad odors. As […]

What are Perfume Waxes?

I have been fascinated at the resurgence ofSolid Perfumes in the last few years. Estee Lauder became iconic with their beautiful collection of Perfume Solids from approximately 1997, every year launching a new limited edition. The packaging, in a compact form was usually adorned with colorful crystals. Unfortunately in South Africa we have very little exposure […]