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Melt together the art of Ernest Beaux and the strength of Coco Chanel and so dawns the scent of a woman:
Chanel N˚ 5.

“The inventor of the most treasured name in perfume” Ernest Beaux; a French Russian perfumer boldly declared; “for me, perfumery is an art and the true perfumer must be an artist” and an artist he was. Famous for a creating style that was elegant and graceful, but with a strong character. In 1902 Beaux started […]

The Scent of Desire

“I have created this perfume to dress each woman in the scent of desire, and to see each of my dresses emerging from its bottle…” – Christian Dior Elizabeth Taylor shares that the beauty of fragrance is that it speaks to your heart …and hopefully, someone else’s. Scent is deeply personal and evocative. Psychology Today […]

Anyone who gives you a cinnamon roll fresh out of the oven is a friend for life.

“Anyone who gives you a cinnamon roll fresh out of the oven is a friend for life” — Daniel Handler The pungent aroma of cinnamon is unmistakable. Usually evoking dreams; with apple pie, doughnuts, candies and Christmas cake being beautiful reminders of our youth. Wars were fought over the spice as it was a highly prized […]

Neroli, a citrus essence made famous by an Italian Princess.

Neroli carries a beautiful legacy of evoking contentment. A yellow oil distilled from the flower of the orange blossom tree originating from China, north eastern India and central Asia. This citrus essence was made popular by an Italian Princess. I want orange blossoms in my hair, champagne in my hand and love in my heart […]

The Harlot of Perfumery

“The tuberose, with her silvery light, that in the gardens of Malay is called the mistress of the night. So, like a bride scented and bright, she comes out when the sun’s away” – Thomas Moore The Aztecs discovered the tuberose as far back as 1519; described as one of the earliest cultivated plants. The […]

Essences Fit for Royalty

Making history One can’t help but think of The Three Wise men travelling from the East and presenting the Christ child with gifts of frankincense and myrrh. Both resins marking the significant historical event of Christmas. Meaning of both essences ‘Incense’ refers to aromatic smoke (Latin – incensum), “to kindle”, and frankincense means “true incense”. […]

What classifies as an oriental fragrance?

As winter approaches, soups, stews, port and red wine clad dinner tables. But for some it is also an invitation to open the fragrance wardrobe to oriental perfumes. Leaving behind the innocent florals and embracing the bold, sultry and exotic oriental fragrance notes. Perfumes are broadly classified into four groups; floral, woody, fresh and oriental. […]

Blue gold of old or a resurrected perfume note?

The vast lavender fields in Provence; France are a breath-taking sight for any visitor. Hence it’s been awarded the name ‘blue gold’. Its scent often described as being spicy, peppery, green,herbaceous, misty and smoky. ‘Lavender’ comes from the Latin word ‘lavare’ which means to wash. Stepping back into the Roman Empire. Lavender oil was also […]

My Best Fragrant Memory Competition

In light of International Fragrance Day being celebrated on 21 March 2015, Perfume Power will be running this awesome competition for all our existing and new fans. Do you love all things fragrant and have a story you would like to share with us? Research shows that we recall what we see with 40% accuracy after one month. We remember […]

Three Perfume Divas Making History

Three very different and powerful women having such a passion for perfume makes for fascinating reading with seduction, fashion, captivity and politics being intricately woven into their love for everything that is fragrant. Cleopatra the Queen of Egypt Perhaps the most famous ruler of Egypt was Cleopatra. Cleopatra, well versed in the power of scent, […]