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Discover the fragrance notes for a sublime sun-kissed scent for spring

 “And the birds sang their songs of love. And the flowers serenaded with their sublime fragrances. And the whole world fell in love in spring!” – Avijeet Das Spring evokes a mood that makes me feel uplifted, inspired and even goal orientated. It signifies the beginning of something new and exciting. Offering a zest for […]

What classifies as an oriental fragrance?

As winter approaches, soups, stews, port and red wine clad dinner tables. But for some it is also an invitation to open the fragrance wardrobe to oriental perfumes. Leaving behind the innocent florals and embracing the bold, sultry and exotic oriental fragrance notes. Perfumes are broadly classified into four groups; floral, woody, fresh and oriental. […]

Blue gold of old or a resurrected perfume note?

The vast lavender fields in Provence; France are a breath-taking sight for any visitor. Hence it’s been awarded the name ‘blue gold’. Its scent often described as being spicy, peppery, green,herbaceous, misty and smoky. ‘Lavender’ comes from the Latin word ‘lavare’ which means to wash. Stepping back into the Roman Empire. Lavender oil was also […]

Would you share a unisex perfume with your partner?

There is an impacting trend rising in the fragrance industry where gender boundaries are being blurred. Terms such as gender neutral, unisex and fragrance convergence making the headlines. Comments such as boy meets girl in perfume marketing is popular and make us ask the question. What classifies as a male or female perfume?. Where did […]

2016 FRAGRANCE TRENDS by Industry Experts

We only need to look through our clothing cupboards, makeup draws and diet books to know that yearly trends change! This is no different for the essential accessory of fragrance. Fragrance steps into the gourmand’s kitchen garden According to the experts from top fragrance houses which are members of IFRA UK, this season. Our noses […]

What Drives Your Perfume Choices?

Your best friend, boss or boyfriend enters a room; their perfume speaks for them even before they have uttered a word! Perfume can change your mood; open the flood gates to positive or painful memories and sets the tone or atmosphere. A lot can be said about you based on the perfume you wear! Our research […]