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The Fragrance Wheel

Many of us love perfume but we can’t find our way around different scents. To most of us, many flowers smell the same, and it doesn’t seem true to say freshly cut grass has a scent. There are so many singular and combined scents in the perfume world and confusion is inevitable. The fragrance wheel […]

Celebrate International Fragrance Day with us on 21 March 2019

“Of all the senses, smell casts a unique hold. A scent has the ability to transport you to a distant place, bring you back to a cherished moment or conjure the familiar embrace of a loved one. For many, choosing a fragrance runs much deeper than shopping for other beauty products; it’s an incredibly personal […]

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In Perfume Power’s new, free e-book you can explore some of the most basic cornerstones of creating your own aromatic fragrance through a comprehensive perfume guide. Wearing the right perfume means that you leave a little piece of yourself behind long after you have left the room. You can choose between a balanced mix of carefully […]

If you are wondering how to choose a fragrance for your man, read on.

Spoiling your husband, partner or father to a fragrance is very special as there will always be a memory triggered by this gift. Research shows that scent carries the most powerful form of memory when compared to our other senses. It will be like an album of photography bringing back unforgettable memories of important moments […]

What classifies as an oriental fragrance?

As winter approaches, soups, stews, port and red wine clad dinner tables. But for some it is also an invitation to open the fragrance wardrobe to oriental perfumes. Leaving behind the innocent florals and embracing the bold, sultry and exotic oriental fragrance notes. Perfumes are broadly classified into four groups; floral, woody, fresh and oriental. […]

The Scent of Love – Create your very own fragrance

Fragrance memories are a wonderful way of connecting with your lover. Smelling a scent or elements of one that your partner wore when you first met can flood your mind with memories and make you feel the same delirious way you did back then. If you have never really worn a fragrance why not start making […]

Vintage Affair: Clothing and Accessories

DO YOU LOVE ALL THINGS VINTAGE? One just has to look at  vintage clothing, accessories, makeup, hairstyles, decor, cars, books, music, posters and movies to know that the vintage attraction is here to stay. The word vintage can mean something that has been used before or something that has been produced in the past. It is capturing the history and culture of […]


Daughters, Perfume Power invites you and your moms to an unforgettable scent experience TOGETHER explore exotic fragrances and essential oils to create your very own bespoke Signature Scent! THE WORKSHOP INCLUDES 2.5hr Perfume Making Session * Signature Scent Booklets * Perfume Bottles * Velvet Gift Bags * High Quality Perfume Ingredients * Light Refreshments EVENT DETAILS Date: Saturday […]

How to Buy Perfume as a Gift

The holidays are a time for giving, and if you’re hitting the fragrance counter, Perfume Power has the steps to sniffing out the right scent for anyone on your list. How do I select a fragrance as a gift for a woman? One sure way is find out which fragrances she especially likes, the names […]

Perfumes to Sip as well as Sniff

If you think perfume’s only place is behind the wrist or ear, take another sniff at that drink you just ordered. Scents are starting to show up in martinis, margaritas and much fancier concoctions, thanks in large part to Mandy Aftel, a former psychotherapist who now makes edible and potable perfumes.