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Top 7 trends that we can expect for 2020

A new year and the change of digits brings with it reflection and contemplation of the year that has been and the one to come. We have so much to look forward to when it comes to trends relating to fragrance, foods, clothing, décor, cosmetics and business. For the purpose of this article however fragrance […]

Melt together the art of Ernest Beaux and the strength of Coco Chanel and so dawns the scent of a woman:
Chanel N˚ 5.

“The inventor of the most treasured name in perfume” Ernest Beaux; a French Russian perfumer boldly declared; “for me, perfumery is an art and the true perfumer must be an artist” and an artist he was. Famous for a creating style that was elegant and graceful, but with a strong character. In 1902 Beaux started […]

Neroli, a citrus essence made famous by an Italian Princess.

Neroli carries a beautiful legacy of evoking contentment. A yellow oil distilled from the flower of the orange blossom tree originating from China, north eastern India and central Asia. This citrus essence was made popular by an Italian Princess. I want orange blossoms in my hair, champagne in my hand and love in my heart […]

Scent inspired gifts for the holiday season!

Perfume Power launches The Scent Inspired Gift Collection. Fragrance enthusiasts can now enjoy their signature scent in a whole new and creative way. Enhancing scent experiences beyond the norm is a passion for owner Diana Rankin. Her decision on this beautiful collection offers clients an opportunity to more holistically appreciate the powerful benefits that scents […]

Think of your perfume as a form of adornment

“After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God gave to the world”. – Christian Dior I believe what Christian Dior was trying to say is that all flowers are distinctly beautiful and unique in their own way, and that’s like women too. Expressing different colours, shapes, and sizes. These flowers flourishing at different times […]

2018 Fragrance Trends

Take note The exquisite colour violet, beautifully linked to the massive comeback of the fragrance note – lavender – is the picture of tranquility in the vastness of the lavender fields in Grasse. Top fragrance brands Guerlain and Jean Paul Gaultier being the front runners in this trend. Not to be dismissed, Oudh inspired fragrances […]

What Personality Style Do You Use When Choosing Perfume?

What Personality Style Do You Use When Choosing Perfume? What influences my client’s buying decisions has always fascinated me. Having specialized in personality assessments this has only fed my intrigue more. Behaviour, attitudes and motivators will play a significant role in buying decisions. This is however very broad. According to a study done by Mark Snyder of […]

Emotions in a Bottle

The benefit of story telling and perfumes This weekend I came across a perfume that was described as being chaotic.  With the intention being to align the perfume with our everyday lives. Bringing about positive and negative emotions, happy and sad feelings, slow and fast paces and stress or calm were also major attributors. Capturing moments […]

7 Top Fragrance Trends You Need to Know for 2017

The anticipation and excitement always builds as we investigate what the upcoming trends will be. These trends are to keep you as a fragrance enthusiast, informed and inspired! The Individualist Fragrance shoppers are in pursuit of more niche and even personalized creations. Where they either get to create their own masterpieces, or contract the services of a perfumer. […]

Festive Fragrance Shopping Experience

The Scentroom in Somerset West, is a sanctuary to explore scent, taking your time and breathing in fresh air. This is no ordinary scent experience! You will leave feeling fragrantly pampered or know that your loved ones will be too! To add to the festivities; lucky draws, discounts and surprize gifts will be the order […]