6 rules to apply when buying your signature scent.

Global Fragrance Expert Marian Bendeth says “A new scent should inspire you to daydream, or wear different articles of clothing, or get you in the mood for an event.”

When approaching a perfume counter, you need to be armed with a few strategies. Buying a new perfume can be tricky as there are several factors that could determine your final choice.

  1. Self-awareness

It is so important to have a goal as to why you are buying perfume. Is it for a special occasion; work, wedding or holiday? Are you looking for a seasonal perfume – for summer or winter? Lastly, are you buying perfume as a mood enhancer? The answers to these questions will steer you in the right direction from the outset.

Become familiar with the ingredients that you love in your current go-to scents. For example, you may love patchouli and would like to include this in your next purchase. Keep this in mind when you discuss your likes with the sales consultant.

Sometimes the staff is not available to assist you in appreciating what ingredients are in perfume. We have a few resources that we would strongly recommend you use. Visit Fragrantica www.fragrantica.com and your favorite apps for fragrance lovers. These will be most helpful in guiding you as far as to what ingredients the tested perfumes have in them and also reviews and commentary by other like-minded fragrance shoppers.

  1. Test only three perfumes at a time

It is very tempting to test more. In this case, patience is a virtue. If you test more it will be very difficult to be in a position to discern. You will start experiencing odor fatigue; in some cases, shoppers can’t smell anything. Rather come back another day to sample more.

It is wise to test perfumes in the morning as your sense of smell is most acute then. Be well-rested and if you have a cold coming on or are experiencing a sinus attack; try again another time.

  1. Your skin decides, not the paper swab

A perfume comes alive on your skin. It offers a true reflection of the final outcome. The paper swab is merely an indicator; a nuance. Spray the perfume on your wrists and then the crease of your elbow. You may want to write the name of the perfume on your arm or a piece of paper as it is very easy to get confused as to which perfume you sprayed on which arm!

  1. It is all in the timing

Avoid smelling the perfume in the first 30 seconds of spraying; allowing the bite of the alcohol to subside. After spraying wait for a minimum of an hour before making your decision. In this time the perfume has settled on your skin and blended with your personal body chemistry.

  1. Clear your nose

Standing at a perfume counter can be overwhelming. Many other clients would have been spraying perfume. It is usually an interesting cocktail of aromas; with male and female perfumes and various fragrance families being experienced all at the same time. The best advice here is to get some fresh air and to smell your sleeve. These two suggestions will neutralize all the scents and have you only experiencing the presumes that you have sampled.

  1. Be scent smart

If you have made your decision, remember that the larger sized bottles are always less expensive, saving at least one-third on double the amount. Look out for specials running on your specific perfume. Takealot, as well as My Perfume Shop regularly run specials on well-known branded perfumes. Dischem is by far one of the most cost-effective department stores. If you can find out whether your chosen perfume can be refilled this is an extra bonus; not only are you saving on buying a second treat but you are also playing your part in environmental preservation.

These tips should help you the next time you find yourself at the perfume counter. For more perfume shopping tips and scent inspiration, visit our news page. Or, visit our upcoming workshops page, if you want to take the art of perfume crafting into your own hands!



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