5 Perfume Health Tips

  1. Avoid wearing Eau de Parfum in the neck area as the combination of the sun and alcohol causes unwanted pigmentation. Many perfumes include citrus as an ingredient. They are photo toxic which also contributes to excessive pigmentation.  Rather apply your perfume on other pulse points such as the cleavage, wrists and behind the knees.
  2. While on holiday be aware not to leave your perfume in your hand bag or car. Perfume very quickly deteriorates with extreme heat and light exposure. Rather use an aluminum atomizer that is heat and cold resistant and leave your bottle at home in a dark cupboard.
  3. Be aware that during the silly season a number of things usually happen. You may drink alcohol, eat spicy foods and actually be de-stressing. Alcohol and spicy food definitely changes the way the perfume develops on your skin. The result usually not a favorable one! Alcohol also causes your sense of smell to become duller. Do not assume that the perfume has gone off!
  4. A brilliant de-stressor is using Epsom salts in your bath to relax. A must on your shopping list this holiday season. Epsom salts has potassium and magnesium in it – both assisting in the de-toxing and healthy sleeping process. The best part of it for me is how silky your skin feels afterwards. Knowing how good this is for me makes me realize it can only have a positive effect on the way my perfume develops. Your skin is the canvas on which all bacteria, good and bad, are deposited.
  5. With summer here, it is time to start moving away from the heavier spicy and woody scents to more fresh, fruity floral fragrances. Heat heightens the way a perfume smells which could be overwhelming for family and friends. Perfumes are meant to create a positive and euphoric experience; not one that offends and chases loved ones away!