2018 Fragrance Trends

2018 Fragrance Trends

Take note

The exquisite colour violet, beautifully linked to the massive comeback of the fragrance note – lavender – is the picture of tranquility in the vastness of the lavender fields in Grasse.

Top fragrance brands Guerlain and Jean Paul Gaultier being the front runners in this trend.

Not to be dismissed, Oudh inspired fragrances will continue to intrigue with the integration into the western fragrance market. Keep an eye out for these, or should we say a nose out!

New trends dominating 2018

Veganism and vegetable notes forcing perfumers to think out of the box and deliver the extraordinary. As consumers’ demand a need for fresh, clean, organic and healthy products. In keeping with this, Perfumers are using plants like tomato, sage, green pepper, corn and sweet potato. With Rhubarb adding a note in Thierry Mugler’s Aura and Hermes Eau de Rhubarb already being big sellers.

Unisex is here to stay

Gender neutral perfume sales have increased over the last year. As they avoid overly sweet female perfumes and men’s fragrances that are too masculine. A perfect match – convenient and spontaneous. CK One, the legendary unisex scent, 20 years on, is still hugely successful. Tom Ford’s new Black Orchid also promises a positive market response.

It’s all about me

Perfume is being viewed more and more as a very personal and intimate accessory. Consumers want to be seen as unique and not just a number, or smell, in the pool of mass production. Creating your own perfume workshops and personalized bottle engraving are becoming popular experiences. Check out our bespoke workshops.

DNA Profiling

Beauty products for some time now have had DNA testing contributing to the success of advanced anti-aging products. It is popular opinion that this in the very near future could also be the case with identifying what the ideal perfume match for fragrance enthusiasts as it incorporates skin and personal preferences. In considering all the possible trends for 2018. It is important not to lose sight of the fact that perfume is the mirror of our emotions. The most mysterious of jewels. It speaks to each one of us silently. Driving our passion in scent expression.

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